2,916/g (22K)

Exquisite Gold 
& Diamond Jewellery

The most authentic collection of prime bridal jewellery in the city. Tradition for the modern bride.

Inspired from some of the finest designers, the Subra collection is delicately crafted light weight jewelry. Contemporary designs crafted in 18 carat gold is encrusted with precision cut diamonds. Each piece transforms a mundane moment into something exceptional. Change every day into extraordinary. There’s no need to wait for an occasion to flaunt your diamonds, your every stride is a moment of contemporary glamour.

The redefined work wear. Raya is the flaunt quotient at work, exuberant yet not overpowering, this ultra light weight collection helps you win subtle power battles within yourself. Raya reiterates that diamonds are a girl's best friend…even at work! Crafted in 14 carat gold, and encrusted with the finest diamonds, each jewelry is crafted to brighten the day of its beautiful wearer.

Celebrating the grandeur and intricacies of our temple art, Purva is a tribute to the illustrious legacy of our ancestors. Immersed in ethnic opulence, Purva announces its arrival among any occasion. With craftsmanship that only traditional artisans can replicate, every jewel is unique and exhaustively detailed. The infusion of some of the rarest gem stones adds to the mystique and charm of this collection.

Add vibrance to your day with our light weight collection bejewelled with precious gemstones in vivid hues. With stunning designs crafted in 18K gold, each piece is flawlessly crafted and inlaid with precision cut diamonds and pure gemstones. The celebration of colours in Brinda are designed to lift your spirits and infuse your day with infectious energy and fun.

This adorable collection is designed to complement the naughty and the bratty. Bright, colorful, and completely imaginative, here’s a collection, your kids wouldn't take out at any cost. From butterflies to owl, to wood peckers to dolphins, the collection is sure to spur the creativity of your kids. Be it a toddler or a tween, Kanha has a plethora of designs and variety that would appeal to a range of age groups.



Kamadhenu Jewellery is a leading and trusted premier jeweller, recognized and identified for exquisite craftsmanship, signature expressions, and timeless quality. With a tradition of passion and heritage of craftsmanship, we create exquisite masterpieces that are treasured for a lifetime.

Established in the year 1970, Kamadhenu Jewellery have been incessantly putting great emphasis on innovation and design excellence and have been in the forefront in ornamenting every delightful occasion with exquisitely designed jewellery.

It was the vision of Shri Vishnu Sharma that has brought us to this successful platform, with a committed and progressive approach in everything we set out to do. It was this encouraging legacy that is embodied onto the descendants Mr. Vinod Sharma and Mr. Vivek Sharma who have made Kamadhenu Jewellery reach great heights humbly.

We continually strive to challenge ourselves, going beyond to meet the needs and aspirations of the customers.